Youth Transportation Companies

Utah Code 62A-2-101(51) defines a Youth Transportation Company as “any person that transports a child for payment to or from a congregate care program in Utah” not including a relative of the child, a state agency, or an employee of the congregate care program (who transports the child to or from the program with which they are employed).

Youth Transportation Programs are required by Office of Licensing Rule R501-1-26(7) to register with the Office of Licensing and submit criminal background screenings for all transporters.

A list of currently-registered Youth Transportation Companies may be found here.

1. Begin the registration process by filling out the online Youth Transportation Services Registration Application

2. Two working days after submitting the application, pay the $500 registration fee on the Payment Gateway (Coming soon. In the meantime you may reach out to our front desk staff at 801-538-4242 or to receive the payment link for online payment.)