Concerns and Critical Incidents

Submit a Concern

The Office of Licensing investigates complaints regarding unlicensed programs and concerns of rule, statute and law violations in licensed programs. If you suspect mistreatment at a licensed or unlicensed facility, please submit your concern using this form or contact us at (801) 538-4242.

This form is for use by clients or members of the public to report concerns. If you are an employee of a licensed program reporting a critical incident, please fill out the Report A Critical Incident form.

Submit Concern Form

Report a Critical Incident or any Restraint or Seclusion

The Office of Licensing (OL) Code of Conduct and Client Rights (R501-1-11-1(p)(i)), requires any licensee or staff member who is aware of, or suspects abuse, neglect, harm, mistreatment, fraud or exploitation to ensure that a report is made to OL. We investigate all reports. If a critical incident has occurred at your facility, please report it using this form.

Please view the DHS Incident Reporting Guide opens in a new tab to assist in understanding what constitutes an incident, what needs to be reported, and how it should be reported and documented.

If you are a member of the public with a concern about a licensed or unlicensed facility, please fill out the Submit A Concern form.

Incident Report Form

Congregate Care Private Placement Report

All programs accepting out-of-state youth should submit a monthly report of all intakes and discharges of out-of-state clients. This report is required to be updated monthly by the end of the 5th business day of each month.

Submit Placement Report