Health Facilities Licensing Rules

Office of Licensing

Current DHHS Rules for Each Licensing Category

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R432-1 General Health Care Facility Rules

R432-2 General Licensing Provisions

R432-3.  General Health Care Facility Rules Inspection and Enforcement.

R432-4. General Construction.

R432-5. Nursing Care and Pediatric Respite Care Facility Construction.

R432-6. Assisted Living Facility General Construction.

R432-7. Specialty Hospital - Psychiatric Hospital Construction.

R432-8. Specialty Hospital - Substance Use Disorder Construction.

R432-9. Specialty Hospital - Rehabilitation Construction Rule.

R432-10. Specialty Hospital - Long-Term Acute Care Construction Rule.

R432-11. Orthopedic Hospital Construction.

R432-12. Small Health Care Facility (Four to Sixteen Beds) Construction Rule.

R432-13. Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center Construction Rule.

R432-14. Birthing Center Construction Rule.

R432-15. Specialty Hospital - Cancer Treatment Construction.

R432-16. Hospice Inpatient Facility Construction.

R432-31. Life with Dignity Order.

R432-32. Licensing Exemption for Non-Profit Volunteer End-of-Life Care.

R432-35. Background Screening -- Health Facilities.

R432-40. Long-Term Care Facility Immunizations.

R432-45. Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program.

R432-100. General Hospital Standards.

R432-101. Specialty Hospital - Psychiatric.

R432-102. Specialty Hospital - Substance Use Disorder.

R432-103. Specialty Hospital - Rehabilitation.

R432-104. Specialty Hospital - Long-Term Acute Care.

R432-105. Specialty Hospital - Orthopedic.

R432-106. Specialty Hospital - Critical Access.

R432-107. Specialty Hospital -- Cancer Treatment.

R432-108. Rural Emergency Hospital.

R432-150. Nursing Care Facility.

R432-151. Mental Disease Facility.

R432-152. Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

R432-153. Pediatric Respite Care Facility.

R432-200. Small Health Care Facility - Four to Sixteen Beds.

R432-201. Mental Retardation Facility: Supplement "A" to the Small Health Care Facility Rule.

R432-270. Assisted Living Facilities.

R432-300. Small Health Care Facility - Type N.

R432-500. Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center Rules.

R432-550. Birthing Centers.

R432-600. Abortion Clinic Rule.

R432-650. End Stage Renal Disease Facility Rules.

R432-700. Home Health Agency Rule.

R432-725. Personal Care Agency Rule.

R432-750. Hospice Rule.

R432-950. Mammography Quality Assurance.