Provider Notice Regarding Flooding

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As you are aware, Utah’s wet spring has led to an increase in potential flooding in many locations throughout Utah. The situation can change quickly, we suggest you follow your local emergency management closely over the upcoming weeks to ensure you have awareness and time to react if needed. In addition, the Utah Division of Emergency Management website is maintaining flood preparedness and recovery resources and statewide situational awareness.   

Preparedness considerations:

  • Assess whether your facility is located in a floodplain zone or has limited roadway access/egress. 
  • Share any emergency plans (including assumptions) with staff and partners.
  • Identify any resources you may need such as sump pumps, sandbags, shovels, fillers, wet gear, portable generators, fuel, labor volunteers, etc.
  • Share any extra resources you may have on standby or can spare.  
  • Train staff on water purification systems and make sure you have proper connectors and additional filters.
  • Update emergency contact numbers and contracts for critical services such as plumbing/sewer services, potable water company, emergency mobile generators, etc.
  • Remind staff of the importance of family emergency evacuation plans and ready kits.

You may also monitor stream and reservoir levels at the following sites: 

Please review the emergency plans for your agency and verify that you have things in place to take any necessary actions and that the required supplies are available. 

Thank you 

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