Foster Screenings

Background Screenings

Background screenings are required if you wish to provide foster care in your home for a child in the public welfare system. Any adults over the age of 18 residing in the home must complete a background screening. This includes foster care, proctor care, professional parent care and adoption for children in custody of a child welfare system, as well as private foster care and refugee foster care.

One-time adoptions submitted by a non-licensed entity (adoption attorney, etc.) also require a background screening for one-time clearance. This screening requires a separate application (see below).

Last, background screenings are required if you are seeking legal guardianship consent for youth ages 12- to 17-years-old and not living in a foster/adoptive home and not receiving services. This includes SAS & DSPD Certified Providers. This screening requires a separate application (see below).

Process & Instructions

License Renewal

Renewing your background screening is no longer necessary if you are in our DACS system and enrolled in Rapback. However, information must be submitted for children who have turned 12 and any adults who have moved into the home.