Out of State Registries

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Contact Information for obtaining an out of state Central or Child Abuse Registry Check

An out of state registry check is required to submit with your background screening application if the agency for whom you are applying with is providing youth residential services and you have lived outside of the State of Utah during the past five years. Please contact the background screening unit with the Office of Licensing if you have questions. The following list of contact information and forms has been compiled to assist you in making direct contact with states to obtain a child abuse registry check. Should you encounter information that is out of date, please contact the Office of Licensing and we will update this form.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: When requesting the check, let the other state know that it is for COMPLIANCE WITH THE FAMILY FIRST PREVENTION SERVICES ACT (rather than just saying it is for employment purposes). If the other state requires a letter of authorization from DHHS/State of Utah, you may use this letter opens in a new tab
The fields for your name and the state to which you are sending it are editable if downloaded to your computer.